Resources to help you learn more about databases.

This page lists useful resources for learning about Grakn and Graph Databases.

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Learning Resources

The promise of graph databases in public health is a clear and detailed explanation of graph databases for those new to them.
Date: June 2015.

Big Data Graphs and Apache TinkerPop 3 is a useful slide deck that introduces graph databases and Apache TinkerPop.
Date: April 2015.

Titan: Big graph data with Cassandra is a presentation about Titan’s data model, covering the query language and discussing edge compression, data layout, and vertex-centric indices for processing of big graph data across a Cassandra cluster.
Date: August 2012.

Useful Blogs

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Videos and Podcasts

Datastax’s “Getting Started with Graph Databases” is a short, but useful, video - especially handy if you already know about relational databases.
Date: Unknown.

Whitepages Tech Talks: “TinkerPop and Titan”. An introduction to graph database technologies TinkerPop and Titan.
Date: April 2014.

“Graph databases are powering mission-critical applications”. The O’Reilly Data Show podcast meets with Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo-Technology, to discuss applications of graph databases.
Date: December 2015.


The O’Reilly “Octopus book” (Graph Databases: New Opportunities for Connected Data, 2nd Edition) is a useful book that explains the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind using graph databases. It has a focus on neo4j, and can be downloaded for free.
Date: June 2015.