This is a brief introduction to topics that will be covered in the Grakn Academy.

Welcome to the Grakn Academy. In this series of tutorials, you will learn all the basics of Grakn - the knowledge graph for knowledge engineering.

The Academy is structured into modules that cover broad Grakn topics. Each module is divided into several lessons, that you are supposed to follow in order.

The Academy lessons are sprinkled with exercises, that you are highly advised to do, as they will help to solidify your understanding of the topics covered.

The module topics are divided as follows:

Introduction to Grakn

In this module you will be given a brief overview of the Grakn software stack and the principal components you will be using and you will be guided through the process of setting up the necessary tools to follow the Academy lessons.


In the second module you will learn about Graql, Grakn’s own high level query language that is usued to perform all your data definition and manipulation needs.

Grakn Schemas

In the third module you will be introduced to the innovative Grakn object model, that allows you to arrange your data using a very intuitive conceptual schema and guarantees that your data is consistent.

Data loading

The fourth module will guide you through the topic of data loading and migration. It will introduce you to the Graql templating language extensions, that allow to easily migrate data from the most common file formats.

Grakn Reasoner

The fith module will introduce you to the topic of logic inference and Grakn rules, which allow you to really get the most out of your data.

Grakn Analytics

The sixth and final module will be about Graql OLAP queries and the distributed analytics component, that allows you to perform distributed computation at scale.