This is an area for documentation specific to contributors working on the GRAKN.AI platform, documentation or examples.


Welcome! This section of documentation is specifically for contributors: those who are contributing to our codebase or documentation. We will add materials here as the community grows. If you need or want extra information, please let us know, or better still, write us a draft!

Meet the Team

We’d like to introduce the GRAKN.AI team, so you know who you are working with.

Don’t be shy! Please reach out to us on Slack if you have a question.

What Can You Contribute?

We are happy to receive contributions of platform or test code, example projects, bug reports, support to other community members, or documentation (fixes or translation).

To work on our codebase, you will need to have some experience with Java. For guidance, we will publish a set of developer guidelines.

We also welcome developers wanting to build example projects on top of GRAKN.AI, as your feedback helps us build a better platform. You can work in Java, Graql, or build examples using R, Python or Haskell. Other JVM languages, such as Scala or Groovy, are also supported.

Where Next?

Some of the ways to get involved:

We want to be an open, accessible and friendly community for all contributors.

If you have any questions, you can talk to us on Slack, Twitter or via our Forums.

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