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What is Grakn KGMS?

Grakn Knowledge Graph Management System is an extension of Grakn that is aimed for enterprise use. It includes features that are essential to using a Grakn knowledge graph as a database in enterprise applications.

Grakn KGMS guarantees Scalability. Deployable on Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, Grakn KGMS, as a distributed database, is ensured to scale over a network of computers through partitioning and replication.

Grakn KGMS is made for Elastic Throughput. As new machines are added to the Grakn KGMS cluster, read and write throughput scales linearly without any downtime.

Grakn KGMS comes with Cluster Management. Taking advantage of infrastructures that power the world’s most vastly used products, Grakn KGMS Clusters can be orchestrated for optimum performance.

Grakn KGMS is Secure. Providing user management, Grakn KGMS ensures that only the authenticated users gain access to the database.

Deployment Options

Grakn KGMS may be deployed on Google Cloud Hosting and Amazon Web Services.

Enterprise Grade Support

By using Grakn KGMS on the cloud, your team is entitled to Enterprise-Grade Support with access to a dedicated support portal and faster response time and problem resolution.

Please contact us at support@grakn.ai to have your support account set up.