This is a list of Grakn releases. It's the place to come to download the most recent versions of Grakn.

Download Grakn Latest Version

Download Grakn

Past Versions

A list of previously released versions of Grakn can be found on Our Website.



We are an open source project. If you want to look at our code, we are on Github at

Building the Code

To build Grakn, you need Maven, node.js and npm. Make sure you have the most recent version of node.js and npm.

Using git, clone the Grakn repository to a local directory. In that directory:

mvn package -DskipTests

When the build has completed, you will find it in the grakn-dist directory under target. The zip file built into that directory is the same as that distributed as a release on Github.

Example Code

You can find an additional repo on Github containing our example code, while further information about the examples is here.


Please see our FAQ page if you encounter any problems when installing and running Grakn. If our guide doesn’t cover the issue, please do get in touch on our discussion forums, on Stack Overflow or via our Slack channels.