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Configure Grakn

In this section, we learn how to configure Grakn to have it tailored to our production and development needs. Prior to starting, the Grakn Server and Console read configurations from a file named grakn.properties. The location of this file varies based on how Grakn has been installed.

If downloaded manually, we can find the configuration file in the server/conf directory inside the unzipped folder.

If installed using Homebrew:


If installed using RPM or APT:

[Note] In order for any new configuration to take affect, we must [stop](/docs/running-grakn/install-and-run/#stop-the-grakn-server) the Grakn Sever and [start](/docs/running-grakn/install-and-run/#start-the-grakn-server) it again.

The default keyspace

The knowledge-base.default-keyspace config sets the default keyspace that the Grakn Console falls back on when no --keyspace option is specified. The default value is grakn.

Mitigating the supernode problem

Grakn uses sharding to mitigate against supernodes. The knowledge-base.sharding-threshold config specifies the number of instances after which Grakn shards any type node. A larger threshold increases runtime as a Grakn knowledge graph grows while decreasing the likelihood of supernodes. A smaller threshold creates supernodes more frequently. The default value is 10000.

Where data is stored

The data-dir config sets the path to the directory where the data for all keyspaces gets stored. The default value is server/db/.

[Important] For production use, it is recommended that the `data-dir` is set to a path outside of `$GRAKN_HOME`. This helps to make the process of upgrading Grakn easier.

Host and port

The server.host and grpc.port configs set the IP address and the port on which the Grakn Server listens to. The default values are and 48555 respectively.

Where logs are stored

The log.dirs config holds the path to the directory where the logs get stored. The default value is logs/.

Verbosity of the logs

The log.level config specifies the verbosity of the logs. The default value is INFO and the options are as follows:

  • ERROR: critical errors indicating that the application has failed.
  • WARN: errors that do not affect the overall running of the application.
  • INFO: minimally verbose, including Grakn server lifecycle events.
  • DEBUG: verbose, non-production use, server task lifecycle events.
  • TRACE: extraordinarily verbose, including graql query traversal paths, extra task lifecycle events and Kafka consumer offsets.

Connection timeout

The storage.connection-timeout config holds the maximum number of milliseconds that Grakn waits for a response from the storage backend before terminating the request. The default value is 2000.