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What is the Grakn Console?

The Grakn Console, along with the Grakn Clients and Workbase, is an interface which we can use to read from and write to a Grakn knowledge graph. Console interacts directly with a given keyspace that contains the Grakn knowledge graph.

Console Options

The options accepted by the grakn console command are as follows.

Option Alias Mode Used with Description
--keyspace <name> -k interactive - Enters console with the given keyspace. If none found with the given name, creates one.
--file <path> -f non-interactive --keyspace Loads the given schema into the given keyspace.
--address <address> -r interactive --keyspace Enters the console connected to the given keyspace hosted remotely.
--no_infer -n interactive --keyspace Enters the console connected to the given keyspace with inference disabled.
version -v non-interactive - Prints version of the running Grakn.

Console Commands

Once inside the console, besides Graql queries, we can run the following commands.

Option Description
commit Any write operations, executed via the console, affects only a local copy of the keyspace. This command commits all changes to the original keyspace running on the Grakn Server.
rollback Undoes any changes made in the knowledge graph since the last commit.
editor Opens the text-editor specified by the $EDITOR environment variable (vim by default). We can then write queries in multiple lines that get executed as soon as we exit the editor.
clear Clears the console from any previous queries, answers and commands.
clean Meant to be used with caution, removes not only the data but also the schema of the knowledge graph contained within the keyspace.
exit Exists the console.