A look-up table of GRAKN.AI's system properties

System Properties

This information is correct at time of publication but may be subject to change.

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Property Value
License Open Source (GPLv3, Commerical licenses available)
Cloud-based No, but commercial option provides cloud offering.
Implementation language Java
Server operating systems Linux, OS X, Unix, Windows (in progress).
Data scheme Yes
Typing Yes
XML support Yes, for importing (in progress).
Secondary indexes Could attribute keys count? If so then yes.
APIs and other access methods Graql, REST API and Java API.
Supported programming languages JVM based languages (Java, Groovy, Scala etc).
Server-side scripts No
Triggers No
Partitioning methods Sharding
Replication methods Multi-master
MapReduce Yes
Consistency concepts Eventual Consistency (and Immediate Consistency for in-memory knowledge base).
Foreign keys Yes
Transaction concepts Row-level AC*ID
Concurrency Yes
Durability Yes
In-memory capabilities Yes
User concepts Yes, at REST API level.  

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